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Mayne Wetherell
Auckland, New Zealand

Leaders in corporate and finance law, Mayne Wetherell moved from Auckland Central to the Wynyard Quarter, and wanted an interior fitout that would to embrace the informality and innovative thinking of the area.

Mayne Wetherell had already adopted open plan workspaces in their original location, so the focus of their new premises was to create a flexible, non-hierarchical space that their staff and clients would enjoy. The new premises needed to embody comfort and quality without being too formal, and adopt a refined residential aesthetic, rather than that of a traditional corporate.

Staff can chose from adjustable sit-to-stand desks, or shared workbenches with optional screen dividers. Modular designs allow workdesks to be repositioned easily, enabling teams to be flexible and arrange themselves as best suits the projects they are working on. The flexible work environment encourages learning and sharing of ideas, and provides collaborative spaces for juniors to be mentored by senior staff.

Finishes includes polished concrete floors, bespoke routed timber panels, and black joinery and hardware, with soft furnishings and custom designed rugs in neutral blue-grey tones. Capturing the essence of Mayne Wetherell’s culture, the atmosphere is welcoming, timeless, and sophisticated.

New Zealand
Commercial and Workplace