Curtin 410 - GHDWoodhead

Curtin University Medical School Building 410
Bentley, WA

Establishing Western Australia’s third medical school, Curtin University has committed to providing outstanding learning facilities for delivering leading contemporary education focusing on indigenous, primary care and regional health.

The Curtin Medical School Building 410 is designed to place learning on display, incorporating flexibility and adaptability in an adventurous and exciting way. The building form creates a multitude of classrooms catering for formal teaching and opportunities throughout for casual informal learning spaces.

The Curtin Medical School was located to complement the Greater Curtin initiative, an urban development securing the future of tertiary education at the Curtin Campus. The site has a natural fall toward the north of four and a half metres and is triangular in plan. The mass of the building follows the eastern and southern boundaries creating a dramatic cantilever at the apex, over the main entry on Level 2.

The building form continues around to the north, deviating from the linear and angular by introducing a curved façade facing the northwest courtyard. The sweeping form embraces the civic space of the courtyard forming a textured backdrop.

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