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B Apartments at Bowden
Adelaide, South Australia

Set in an eclectic area of Adelaide, The B Apartments at Bowden is a socially-focused development model. It is the largest apartment building in the area and sets the scene for achieving the higher densities and urban model of living that the state government is promoting in Adelaide, which has traditionally been a low-density, dispersed suburban city.

The apartments occupy a central site that has direct relationships with significant features such as Kevin Taylor Park, the market and the Bowden Village Park.

Rather than a design strategy that uses a consistent architectural language to developing the entire site, our team proposed that the building be divided into several blocks, creating greater alignment with the scale indicated for the surrounding developments. By notionally dividing the site into several blocks, each defined by its own architectural character, this effectively creates a 'community of buildings' that relates to the spirit of the development model.

South Australia
Residential, Retirement and Aged Care