Auckland Central Police Station - GHD Design

Auckland Central Police Station
Auckland, New Zealand

Accommodating up to 500 staff, the Auckland Central Police Station is a modern, agile, and welcoming hub that facilitates collaboration and flexible working.

So various teams can be easily located, neighbourhoods are established throughout the building, but there are no assigned desks. In the open plan area, high-back seating and leaners provide spaces for impromptu meetings, and a variety of breakout and meeting spaces, support the Police’s shift toward activity-based, collaborative working.

Vibrant blues and greens create a fresh, but familiar colour palette. Primarily neutral, with splashes of colour and acoustic treatments like hexagon walls, hanging three-dimensional screens, and ceiling lattices, the fitout is classic and timeless.

Given the stress Police staff can face, it was important to include a social hub where staff can relax and unwind. The furniture provided is flexible, meaning the space to be used as a briefing room, Community meeting rooms adjacent provide comfortable, welcoming spaces for whānau (family) support services.

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