AMP - GHD Design

Auckland, New Zealand

AMP is a leading life insurer and retirement savings provider, helping thousands of Kiwis by providing financial advice and services.

When AMP were looking for an innovative and collaborative design partner to establish a new Northern Hub, GHD design were a natural fit.

GHD design designed an open floor workspace focused on flexible working styles that enhance cross-team collaboration and communication. Meeting rooms and shared spaces are flexible and connected to allow for a wide range of meeting types, including audio visual conferencing.

AMP and subsidiary AdviceFirst relocated several of its teams into one floor plate and wanted an adaptable environment.

The brief for the look and feel of the fitout was a welcoming, residential aesthetic rather than a clinical and stark corporate one. They were keen to move away from the outmoded white look to a relaxed contemporary appearance.

This was achieved by the design team with polished concrete flooring, textural black ceilings, strandboard joinery and cladding, pops of feature colour and innovative acoustic and lighting solutions.

Staff also enjoy a well-appointed café facility with banquette feature fabric and exquisite finishes which provides a familiar and relaxed environment.

Feedback from the user has been overwhelmingly positive, with the décor, creative planting and fresh kitchen proving to be a hit with both staff and visitors.

New Zealand
Commercial and Workplace