Stadium Pool - GHD Design

Albany Stadium Pool
Auckland, NZ

Auckland Council required a community pool with “a point of difference,” that would complement existing pools in the Albany area that provided for sports and training. The result is a pool with a focus on leisure, learning to swim, and physical fitness. Leisure activities for all ages are provided for in a range of water bodies and water depths. There is a large pool dedicated to teaching swimming classes, and a large fitness suite on a mezzanine floor overlooking the pool halls

Rather than gender specific change rooms, a European-style “change village” was provided. This resulted in reduced floor area, and more efficient operations and management for pool staff.

A well-recognised focal point on the Albany landscape, the building utilises a polycarbonate cladding system which, at night becomes a beacon in the landscape. The pool is hugely popular and has exceeded all Auckland Council’s visitor forecasts

New Zealand
Civic, Community and Justice