Airport Central Station - GHD Design

Airport Central Station
Perth, WA

Offers patrons a unique and sustainable journey

Airport Central Station’s highly recognisable architecture brings to life the Public Transport Authority’s objective to provide travellers with the most appealing transport mode and communicate, ‘the network is here to serve you.’ Its quality amenity elevates the passenger experience beyond a commute into an inviting, intuitive, convenient and safe journey that delivers a seamless connection between Perth Airport’s terminal and the train, connecting the Perth Hills and the CBD.

Viewable in the round by vehicles circling its arc, Airport Central Station serves as the central point of the airport’s main precinct. We splayed the façade to maintain the building’s compact footprint and to create space for the main escalators. Engineering the external structure with minimal size columns and thin tension bracing to support the roof structure and separate glazing support - balanced structural requirements with aesthetics.

Travellers entering the mezzanine are greeted with 260-degree horizontal vistas courtesy of the glazed façade. The views orientate them with the airport precinct, CBD skyline and Darling Scarp and presents Perth, the city and the state as a destination. The station’s geometric roof form with aerodynamic references expands on the idea of travel while performing the critical function of preventing glare from impeding control tower operations and housing the building’s large skylight.

A central void visually connects the station’s mezzanine, concourse and platform and pulls natural light from the skylight through the three levels to penetrate the underground platform. Airport Central Station’s indoor-outdoor connection and the full visibility afforded to passengers throughout the building, represents a departure from typically internalised, artificially lit station typologies.

We paid attention to rationalising back-of-house and integrating technical services to further cocoon passengers from the complexity and urgency of transport environments. Aided by natural light, warm materials and wayfinding ease, the station is envisioned as a decompression zone that provides patrons with relief from aircraft confines.

GHD was engaged as the lead consultant and GHD Design (formerly GHDWoodhead), together with Weston Williamson and Partners worked on the design and documentation of three stations including Airport Central Station along with five ancillary buildings forming part of the 8.5km Airport Line project.

Western Australia
Transport Facilities
Australian Institute of Architects 2023 Award for Public Architecture (WA)