Adelaide Airport Plaza - GHDWoodhead

Adelaide Airport Plaza
Adelaide, SA

GHDWoodhead approached the design of the Adelaide Airport Plaza as the individual human experience of people in transition, with an exploration of opportunities that arise between departure and arrival. This project involved a large-scale structure, designed as both a screen to a multi-deck carpark, and as a landscape device to give spatial definition to the new plaza. It serves as a memorable gateway experience for arrival and departure.

The truss frame structure is a three-dimensional, twisting form, which has an elegant stainless steel woven mesh wrapping around two sides. At night, the frame and mesh are dynamically lit to enhance the arrival and departure experience.

The innovative use of parametric software was crucial to the conception and development of the design, through to documentation and beyond. The key to its success was the strategy taken to construct, use and share the 3D model within the design process.

South Australia
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