Neither the most fantastical works of science fiction, nor the most prosaic speculations towards the future could have predicted how the internet would shape society, culture, and technology as it does today.

The futurists who preceded the internet’s conception could be forgiven for thinking it would bring about a second age of enlightenment. Never in human history has information been so available and accessible, yet it’s suggested we are no more informed now than we were in 1989, before the dawn of the worldwide web.

Devoid of context, how can we understand the relevance of information? Without a connection to experience, what do we make of this deluge of information?

By connecting information with experience, Nook.01 changes how people absorb information. Operating under the imperative that the library is free to all, Nook.01 empowers users to create their own learning experiences and memories, enhancing the information they receive through virtual and augmented reality. Nook.01 is adaptable to the needs of the user, and can be manipulated to suit individual or group use.

With the potential to democratise and revolutionise libraries, schools, tertiary institutions, public transport, and other spaces of public learning, Nook.01 encourages people to create their own immersive, interactive learning spaces. Users can create their slice of the sublime amongst the strictly prosaic, and navigate safely through the data deluge.