Iconic carpark can be adapted for changing future needs

In designing the new Springfield Central station park ‘n’ ride in Queensland, GHD Design has sought to create an iconic building that is future proofed to adapt to changing social needs.

The design considers not just current community needs, but how easily the facility can be altered to provide EV charging or adaptively reused in the future.

Joshua Rhodes, GHD Design Senior Designer, says, “The concept for the carpark form was derived by drawing on nature’s ability to create organic symmetry and efficiencies when faced with irregular shapes.

“The car park is conceived as an object within the landscape, formed by the natural forces around it, which are also evident in the existing urban response. The design attempts to balance creating a building of its place, inspired by the site’s geology and hydrology, while also creating a distinctive landmark that signals the gateway to the greater Springfield area.”

Vectors in the façade help direct traffic to the entry

Located on a prominent gateway site, the design consists of a naturally ventilated sculptural form that wraps around a central double-helix ramp, with one spiral lane ascending and the other descending. The rigorously tested double-helix ramp design maximises the circulation efficiency of vehicles, while the floor plate utilises the most efficient layout per square metre with double loaded circulation around the outer edge of the site.

Double-helix ramp design maximises the circulation efficiency of vehicles

The floor plate utilises the most efficient layout per square metre

The façade, comprised of anodised aluminium purlins, provides shading during the day and light spill mitigation during the evening, while adding colour, depth, and interest. The Z-shaped purlins also assist with wayfinding by creating vectors within the façade, directing commuters to the car park entry. Traditionally used as roofing and cladding support, the cost-effective purlins were simple to install and provide a robust and low-maintenance solution. They also include anti-vandalism, safety and self-harm prevention features as part of the overall facade system design. The aluminium facade is fully recyclable.

The façade is comprised of fully recyclable anodised aluminium purlins

The new multi-storey park 'n' ride carpark facility brings the total number of carparks around the Springfield Central station precinct to around 1,100.