GHD Woodhead was commissioned by Curtin Aged Persons Homes/Churches of Christ Homes and Community Services to maximise the number of new beds within the major addition to an existing heritage-listed hostel facility. The first phase refurbished the historic building in order to halt its decay and bring new pride back into the site.

A context service plan was developed with stakeholders to create 38 new high-care beds, without compromising the seaside suburban amenity of the area.

Full advantage is taken of outstanding ocean views without exposing the building to high running costs. Internal courtyards protect residents from strong onshore winds in winter, while internal living areas take advantage of the lower sun angle to the north and north-west.

The facility is an exceptional commercial success for the client and the operator. The architecture contributes to this result and keeps aged care design standards high. The design incorporates all the traits essential to create appropriate aged care ambiance and presents a building that lifts the quality of residential architecture in the surrounding area.