The Vector Wero Whitewater Park in Auckland is New Zealand’s first purpose-built artificial whitewater facility. It comprises two courses: an Olympic standard 294 m Grade 4 course and a recreational standard 203 m long course.

The facility is unique with two water courses. The short course is used by the community and schools for recreation, while the long course supports high-level canoe/kayak slalom training, commercial rafting and world-class canoe and kayaking events. The facility attracts national and international visitors to the area for the benefit of local businesses.

A storage pond feeds the two courses via a large pump station housing seven pumps, and is capable of delivering simultaneous water flows of 16 CU m/sec to the Grade 4 course and waterfall, and 10.5 CU m/sec to the Grade 2 course.

The concrete-lined pond provides storage for up to 22 million litres of water, fed from an on-site bore and harvested rainwater. The approach is consistent with the project’s philosphy of sustainability and appropriate use of natural resources. The water is treated from an onsite treatment plant using filtration and UV disinfection.

A unique innovation has been the inclusion of a 4.5 m high artificial waterfall, something not seen on any other artificial course.

The courses themselves are constructed from cement-treated clay, and lined with shotcrete. Grades, drops, groynes and obstacles are used to generate the rapids in the channels. Each rapid can be tuned to provide optimum flow moving the relocatable obstacles on the channel floor. The end result is an exceptional whitewater facility for the local community, as well as visitors and top level athletes.