Conceived by the Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust to consolidate cemetery functions and commemorate the lives of many interned at the cemetery, the Clarence Reardon Centre was designed by GHD Woodhead to sit in harmony with its lush botanical context.

The long mass of the administration floor is clad in highly-reflective double-glazing, allowing it to not only perform well in the harsh Australian climate but also enfold itself with reflections of the sky above and magnificent tree canopies that surround the site.

On the ground floor, the function centre was carefully refined and optimised – concrete columns were shaped to form housings for operable wall panels, and a sweeping feature column serves to signify entry, and addresses and supports a large overhanging portion of the upper floor to the south-east. In this way, the first floor of the building appears to float in its context, dissolving the building into thin air.


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