Delivered by the Horizon Alliance collaboration between Queensland Rail, Department of Main Roads John Holland, GHD Woodhead and KBR, Richlands Station and the associated precinct is a fully accessible district interchange and includes railway platforms, bus platforms, passenger and taxi set down areas, car park, bike facilities, and wide public concourse for pedestrians and interconnection between modes of arrival and departure.

Richlands station precinct is online casino a triangular parcel of land which posed distinct challenges for the functional arrangement of the multiple modes. Within the precinct, the buses have a dedicated road way in the vicinity of the platforms to minimise modal and pedestrian conflicts.

The bus interchange comprises side platforms in a lead stop arrangement with each platform serving two bus stops. Layover space is accommodated and the interchange is also designed for future expansion. Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport have been incorporated along with ample shelter structures, seating and weather protection for customer comfort during all weather.

Optimised precinct management and customer service is achieved by providing shared bus and rail crew facilities within the station building. Integrating bus interchange facilities within the precinct provides a total public transport solution for users.