Lion’s  partnership  with  Creative  Spaces aimed  to  bring  Lion’s people  together  in  a  stimulating  and  creative  environment  that encouraged  collaborative  working  styles.  Previously  spread  over multiple floors and fragmented into narrow workspaces around a central core, Lion decided to consolidate into two large open plan floors totalling 5100sqm.

Theming over  the  two  floors  was  developed  into  the  North  and South  Island,  bringing  together  quintessential  Kiwi  places  and traditional life experiences that epitomise the company’s products. For  example,  the  “Beaches  and  Baches”  theme  is  reflective of Northland’s holiday lifestyle with Lion Red and Fish and Chips.

The central café and stair that connect the two floors is the core of the fitout and is described as ‘Home’- where the journey begins. The workspaces and meeting rooms, branching out from the core have seven different themes:

  • Beaches and Baches
  • Harbours & Travel
  • Outdoor Activities
  • City Laneways & Bars
  • Vineyards
  • Sportsfields
  • Deep South Adventures

Lion  has  a  dynamic  group  of  people  working  with  their  diverse range  of  brands.  It  became  essential  that  the  workplace  should reflect the diversity of both whilst still maintaining a highly functional space.

Every  person  within  Lion,  from  the  Managing  Director  down, changed into an open plan environment. This was supported by an increased  number  of  quiet  rooms,  collaboration  options  and bookable  meeting  rooms.  High  levels  of  detail  and  variation  in finishes and texture added to the richness and personalisation of the design.

Despite tight time frames (3 months construction) and specialist AV  and  IT  requirements,  the  Creative  Spaces  team  ensured  the project was delivered on time, under budget and to an extremely high standard.