The Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer is unique in its strategic focus on the scientific pursuit of novel preventative and screening detection strategies, the translation of these into community and clinical benefit, and the provision of multidisciplinary cancer care at all stages including health, diagnosis, treatment and end-stage disease.

GHD Woodhead was engaged by the Flinders Medical Centre Foundation to design the centre in a way that integrates research across a number of basic disciplines and clinical sciences. The architectural concept focuses on several key areas; presenting a strong identity, an integrated research facility at the leading edge of research into the cancer treatment, and a place of healing, wellbeing and hope.

The atrium is the focal point of the interior space – a concentration of movement, activity and life. This space encourages informal communication and exchange between different departments – facilitating the rapid application of research findings into clinical practice. The atrium provides connectivity between the research and clinical floors.

The Northern Wing includes research laboratories and office accommodation for clinical trial nurses and oncologists. The Southern Wing accommodates the cancer clinic and day treatment suites. The ground floor encompasses a multi-purpose lecture/function area with patient education facilities.