Edith Cowan University’s strategic plan involved the relocation of the academic activities from the Churchlands campus to the Mt Lawley and Joondalup campuses. A key element to this strategy has been the provision of a major new Lecture Theatre and Forum.

Framed by an external forecourt and featuring an exhibition foyer, 375 tiered seats and the latest in teaching and learning technology, the building’s prominent position makes it a landmark building on the campus.

GHD Woodhead, in collaboration with Edith Cowan University, designed the spaces to create a sense of community for students and academics alike. The lecture theatre was designed according to a very strict brief to be instantly recognisable from other buildings on the campus and play a central role in connecting students with the nearby library, while harmonising with the existing built fabric of the campus. The foyer attached to the lecture theatre is an integral part of the building, acting as an inter-median filter between the theatre and its external surrounds. Through the expansive glass façade, the foyer has a strong visual connection with the forum space and the library beyond. The forum, nestled between the lecture theatre and library, is protected from the elements. It invites users to take advantage of the space, allowing for formal and incidental interaction and communication. Students are encouraged to engage with soft and hard landscape elements and to use it as a meeting place, recreation and event space.