Argo is an iconic Adelaide family owned café offering unique customer zones, service and hospitality. This project is the first of the brand rollout which involves the refurbishment and expansion of the Norwood store. The new concept embraces an open and visible layout allowing the customer or the passer-by to view the spectacle of weird and wonderful food creations. The signature space is designed through the use of simple forms, vertical gardens and digital play areas, creating personality and warmth and enhancing the guest’s experience. GHD Woodhead has applied thoughtful use and hierarchy of lighting, texture and materials to provide harmonious co-existence between the lingering coffee drinker and the lively lunch crowd.
The GHD Woodhead team worked to co-ordinate the extensive equipment requirements whilst maintaining an innovative approach to the delivery of a space which enables the exploration of new digital media activities through the use of windows and walls. The initial design will be adapted to be used in concept pop-up stores and a future 700 sqm venture.