GHD Woodhead was commissioned by Stockland Property Group (SPG) to design a new four-storey, 6900 sqm ‘green’ landmark office building adjacent to their existing 13 storey Durack Centre. In terms of design and environmental initiatives, the Durack Centre is a flagship building for the SPG in Western Australia.

The building form is clean and legible, and is generated by a simple rectangular floor plate which offers the maximum flexibility for a modern office building. The service cores have been located on the perimeter to maximise the amenity of the office space. The floor plate is wrapped in a contemporary curtain wall system which maximises the views into the building and allows the occupants to take advantage of the views to the existing plane trees and the Swan River. An innovative façade with operable louvres is the major feature of the western side of the building, which is also the main street address. This elevation is further activated by the transparent lift core which is visible from the street and allows users of the lifts to look out on the plane trees and the river.

Durack Centre is one of the most environmentally sustainable commercial buildings in Perth, with key environmental initiatives including: individually monitored automated external louvres, active chilled beam mechanical services, peak energy reduction and extensive cyclist end of trip facilities.