With the official opening on September 18, QT Sydney is the first five-star hotel to be built in the Sydney CBD in over a decade.

Amalgamated Holdings Limited (AHL) engaged Woodhead as Master Architect to lead the design team through a truly collaborative two year process.

“ The $60M QT Sydney is a fusion of two iconic heritage buildings, the State Theatre Building which is listed on the State Heritage Register and the Gowings Building which is locally listed. This complex project with historically differing uses and construction led to unique and significant challenges in terms of connectivity structurally, architecturally and in terms of the resultant interior spaces”.

“The success of it was the collaboration between the heritage architect and the cooperation of a very creative builder (Built). Woodhead’s commitment to ensuring key members of the design team carried through the entire design and construction process, has resulted in a continuous and ongoing collaboration with Jonathan Bryant from Graham Brooks and Associates, heritage consultants, and Sydney City Council’s Senior Heritage Specialist, Margaret Desgrand. This dedicated team had to remain flexible providing immediate responses to the discovery of original heritage detailing, artefacts and past documents. This flexibility has leveraged the entire design team to create a richer outcome”.

“With heritage buildings, let alone two, there is always the unexpected, which can cause delight or frustrations. Earthquake proofing a steel framed, stone clad building of heritage significance had its complexities. Services reticulation and power supply was never going to be easy. Recreating façade mounted knights, gargoyle and other sculptures, not seen for over 60 years was always going to be an interesting but fun challenge. All this has been achieved while the State Theatre has remained in continuous operation”.

“Beyond the Master Architects role, Woodhead also led the back of house interior design, together with the restoration and interpretation of the heritage lobbies and the interface areas together with coordinating the interface between all consultants and two additional interior designers, Nic Graham for the restaurant areas and Indyk for guest room interiors”.

Juliette Churchill – Project Director

Woodhead documented the project as BIM capable using Revit technology.






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