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Ohakea Pilot Training Facility, New Zealand

Posted April 12, 2016 at 9:29 am

The New Zealand Defence Force engaged GHD to design and construct a facility in which to accommodate the specific requirements of the Beechcraft flight simulator equipment. The sheer size of the No. 1 Hangar, a heritage building located alongside the site, presented a challenge to the designers in terms of scale. Through their design response, a long, low form evolved. …


LAV Workshop, Linton Military Camp, New Zealand

Posted at 9:28 am

This project involved the development, documentation and contract management of a new facility for NZ Army at Linton Military Camp, to house a workshop facility for the Light Armoured Vehicles (NZLAVIII). The facility has a number of specific services-orientated design aspects including ventilated service pits with custom hydraulic jacks, waste extraction trays for spent vehicle oil and brake fluids and …

Heath Jobson_People thumb_205x205

Heath Jobson, Associate, Architecture

Posted May 28, 2015 at 12:04 pm

Tel: +61 8 8111 6769 Email: Location: Adelaide, Australia

Smartgates_Project thumb_294x294

Installation of airport primary line modules and SmartGates, Australia

Posted April 24, 2015 at 12:39 pm

GHD Woodhead was engaged by the Australian Customs Service Passenger Enabling Services to replace the primary line modules (PLM) and to upgrade customs infrastructure at all Australian international airports. The project involved the coordination and cooperation between a number of stakeholders and airport authorities. GHD Woodhead provided a number of services for this project, including obtaining airport authority consent and …

Geelong_Project thumb_294x294

Geelong multi-user Defence depot, Victoria

Posted at 12:24 pm

GHD Woodhead was engaged by the Department of Defence to provide architectural and engineering services to masterplan and refurbish the existing Defence base in Geelong into a multi-user depot with the purpose of integrating several local regiments. The depot accommodates a variety of internal and external training facilities. Several new structures, including training facilities, offices, amenities and storage, were provided …

Richard Silcock_People thumb_205x205

Richard Silcock, Senior Associate, Architecture

Posted April 22, 2015 at 2:20 pm

Tel: +61 8 8111 6690 Email: Location: Adelaide, Australia

Russell Pfitz_People thumb_205x205

Russell Pfitz, Senior Associate, Architecture

Posted at 2:11 pm

Tel: +61 2 6113 3318 Email: Location: Canberra, Australia

Peter Hoang_People thumb_205x205

Peter Hoang, Senior Associate

Posted at 2:07 pm

Tel: +61 3 8687 8303 Email: Location: Melbourne, Australia

Gary Hazel_People thumb_205x205

Gary Hazel, Managing Principal, Architecture

Posted at 2:02 pm

Tel: +61 8 8111 6511 Email: Location: Adelaide, Australia

Craig Brown_People thumb_205x205

Craig Brown, Senior Principal, Architecture

Posted at 1:57 pm

Tel: +61 8 8111 6623 Email: Location: Adelaide, Australia

WONCO_Project thumb_294x294

WONCO Academy – SA Wing and LIA Training Centre, Edinburgh, South Australia

Posted at 10:43 am

GHD Woodhead was engaged by the Department of Defence to design the Warrant Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer (WONCO) Academy, consolidating training and instruction facilities centrally onto one site and utilising the parade ground for training activities. This commission included the living in accommodation (LIA) training centre, which comprises three separate but identical buildings. Design of the WONCO Academy is based …

HNA_Project thumb_294x294

Hardened and Networked Army Edinburgh Defence Precinct, Edinburgh, South Australia

Posted at 10:34 am

The Edinburgh Design Team (EDT), with GHD Woodhead as lead consultant, was awarded the AUD650 million Hardened Network Army Edinburgh Defence Precinct Project (HNA EDP Project) in December 2006. The HNA EDP Project is the largest design contract ever let by Defence, encompassing the redevelopment of a large part of the RAAF Base at Edinburgh, and includes the delivery of …

SoS_Project thumb_294x294

Defence Force School of Signals at Simpson Barracks, Yallambie, Victoria

Posted April 4, 2011 at 2:12 pm

The living in accommodation facility (LIA) at Simpson Barracks, directly addresses the Defence Force‚Äôs Green Building requirements and Environmental Sustainable Design performance standards. GHD Woodhead was engaged to design the new buildings and refurbishment of existing buildings, to provide working, teaching and living in accommodation. Housing and supporting the functions of the Defence Force School of Signals, the project includes …


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