About Us

GHDWoodhead is an integrated design company operating globally through the GHD network of studios and offices.

We strive to create inspirational places and responsive architecture, landscapes, townscapes, buildings and spaces that simplify the complexity of contemporary life through intelligent and thoughtful design.

We bring together all design, planning and engineering disciplines through a holistic process, creating design that is intelligent, responsive, technically elegant and efficient. Through our fully integrated practice we truly shape cities.

The practice is ranked amongst the leading 100 global architectural firms and the top ten Australasia architectural practices.

Our Strategic Leadership team consists of:

  • Michael Hegarty – National Practice Leader
  • Craig Muir – WA Market Lead
  • Tooey Elliot – Federal Clients & ACT Market Lead
  • Gavin Adams – Brisbane Managing Principal
  • Lynn Sorrell – Urban Design & Western Sydney Market Lead
  • Paul Thatcher – Knowledge Share Lead

Our sector leaders are:

  • Sam Rowland – Urban Development
  • Dave Collins – Education & Science
  • Jim Williams – Industrial Resources & Utilities
  • Michael Hegarty – Civic, Community & Justice
  • Michael Hegarty¬†- Commercial & Workplace
  • Brad Gaston – Healthcare & Well-being
  • Craig Muir – Residential, Retirement & Aged
  • Mary Harben – Retail & Hospitality
  • Ken Snell – Defence & National Security

Our operational leadership group consists of:

  • Will Delaney – Melbourne Studio Managing Principal
  • Nicolas Beaulieu-Asselin¬†- Sydney Studio Managing Principal
  • Ricardo Kiperman – Perth Studio Managing Principal
  • Gary Hazel – Adelaide Studio Managing Principal
  • Gavin Adams – Brisbane Studio Managing Principal
  • Lucinda Eveans – Cairns Studio Representative
  • Farhad Edibam – Canberra Studio Representative
  • Angelique Brett – Darwin Studio Representative
  • Chris Acevski – Newcastle Studio Representative
  • Debbie Thomson – Tasmania Studio Representative
  • Kevin Russ – Auckland Studio Interior Design Representative
  • Hamish Davies – Auckland Studio Architecture Representative